Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I Am By Dillon York

By: Dillon York

I am not retarded.
I wonder how I got to be viewed that way.
I hear that dreaded word and shudder.
I see everything without quite looking.
I want trusting friends who dont utter that word.
I am not retarded.
I am Timothy! (place your childs name hear)
I pretend I dont hear it, but I feel every nasty letter.
I touch the hearts and minds of all I meet, yet I worry what they think.
I cry inside because I am not retarded.
I understand everything, I understand it all.
I say what's on my mind, and people nod and smile.
I dream of true acceptance.
I try my very best.
I hope that people truly see, I am not retarded. I am simply me.