Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Friendship Support Education Humor By Andee Dunn

by Andee Dunn (Jan 1996)

FAITH . . . that God will never give me more that I can handle
RESOURCEFULNESS. . . to find what my children need
INTELLIGENCE. . . to comprehend all the medical and technical knowledge I'll be given
ENERGY. . . for all the many trips to doctors, clinics, hospitals, schools, etc.
NEIGHBORS. . . and friends that lend a hand now and then
DETERMINATION . . . that my children will each reach his or her maximum potential
STRENGTH . . . to continue in the face of depressing odds
HUMOR . . . to teach my children there's joy in life with special needs
INTUITION. . . to be able to know the right thing at the right time
PERSEVERANCE. . . so I can fight for the rights of my children

SUPPORT . . . from others that have 'been there' before me
UNDERSTANDING . . . for those times when they do what only multiples can do
PEACE. . . in knowing that I am doing my absolute best for my children
PRACTICALITY . . . so the dishes get done and the laundry too
OPEN-MINDEDNESS . . . when looking for the best therapies for each child
REMINDERS . . . so no one or nothing is forgotten
TENDERNESS . . . that I may not be too harsh when responding to ignorance

ENDURANCE . . . to get me through the times when no one knows why it didn't work
DEDICATION . . . to repeat thousands of necessary therapies upon my children
UNCONVENTIONAL . . . so I can make use of something not usually used that way
CONFIDENCE . . . in my abilities to know what my children need
ACCEPTANCE. . . so I can thank God everyday for giving me such special children
TRUST . . . in myself and those I'm close to
INSIGHT. . . to sense what's needed by a child that can tell me their needs
ORDER. . . so there is at least a basic plan each day
NURTURANCE . . . giving it and getting it

HUMOR . . . so I don't forget to laugh when they do something funny
UNRELENTING JOY . . . so I can feel it, teach it, and give it
MILDNESS . . . for those times when the kids are rivaling siblings
OPTIMISM . . . so I can see things from a brighter point of view
READINESS . . . for the unexpected