Tuesday, June 9, 2009

God Sent To Me An Angel By Paul Dammann

God Sent to Me an Angel
Written by Paul Dammann

God sent to me an angel, it had a broken wing.
I bent my head and wondered, "How could God do such a thing?"
When I asked the Father why He sent this child to me,
the answer was forthcoming,
He said "Listen and you'll see."
"My children are all precious, and none is like the rest.
ach one to me is special, and the least is as the best.
I send each one from Heaven and I place it in the care of those who know my mercy, those with love to spare.
Sometimes I take them back again.
Sometimes I let them stay.
No matter what may happen.
I am never far away.
So if you find an angel and you don't know what to do.
Remember, I am with you,
love is all I ask of you."