Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Angels Unaware

Angels Unaware

The gift I give to you will not be made of gold,
but it’s beauty is more splendid and precious to behold.
The hands of man could not defile this gift so pure and sweet
for it’s constructed by a higher being with whom man cannot compete.

The very presence of this gift can warm the human heart.
The joy it brings is heavenly,
and never will depart.

I’ll give you mountains of laughter,
but there’ll be some valley’s too.
I will not leave you comfortless...
I’ll be right here for you.

Not everyone can have this gift.
You are the chosen ones...you see.
I looked upon the earth below,
and saw that YOU would be.

I will give you extra strength which you will need to tarry;
and if you’ll call upon my name,
your burdens I will carry.
There will be ones who don’t understand,
they have not eyes to see
the beauty of this special gift;
given to you, from me.

Lift up your arms,
receive with joy the special gift I bear.
My chosen ones, I give to you an Angel.....unaware